Purpose of the Forum
This forum is intended for fans of my books – as well as anybody who stumbles across it.

Who can use the Forum
Everyone is welcome to join the forum as long as they are polite and considerate of other members. The forum contains members from all over the world, young and old. Topics cover all sorts of subjects, including books, politics, religion, writing, reviews, and humour.

Forum Rules
It would be great if we could all live in a world of sweetness and light, but we all are human and prone to be nasty sometimes. Let’s not be nasty here.

What’s not allowed:
1. No illegal topics (porn, how-to’s on terrorism, hacking etc)

2. No outright hostility or abusive conduct — flaming, spamming, flooding. Excess of malice – being a rude jerk or plain mean — IS abuse. Discrimination on basis of nationality, ethnicity, sex, race, religion, which way you swing, etc. is also being abusive. Do not characterize other members with negative labels.

3. No foul language you wouldn’t think you could say to your
grandmother — mild expletives like damn and hell are OK as long as they are not used in cursing AT someone. If in doubt, use d–n or h**l — it gets the point across yet isn’t offensive.

Thanks and enjoy making this board a fun, easy-going kind of place where everybody’s welcome.

Conn Iggulden

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